88. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

Samstag, 23. April 2022 (Saal 7) 08:30-10:00

Freie Vorträge

Molecular electrophysiolgy

Vorsitz: L. Fabritz (Birmingham, UK), L. S. Maier (Regensburg)

(V1725) Increased early sodium current provokes familial atrial fibrillation and reduces effectiveness of sodium channel block
    L. Sommerfeld, M. O'Reilly, C. O'Shea, S. Broadway-Stringer, S. Andaleeb, J. S. Reyat, S. N. Kabir, A. Malinova, D. Delbue, D. Stastny, L. Fortmüller, K. Gehmlich, D. Pavlovic, B. Skryabin, A. P. Holmes, P. Kirchhof, L. Fabritz (Hamburg, Münster; Birmingham, UK)
(V1726) Chronic deprivation and substitution of androgens modulates arrhythmogenicity and NaV1.5 expression in a SCN5A loss-of-function mouse model
    M. Kruska, T. Fink, P. Yampolsky, L. Fabritz, P. Kirchhof, D. Thomas, H. A. Katus, N. Frey, M. Koenen, P. Schweizer (Mannheim, Bad Oeynhausen, Heidelberg, Hamburg; Birmingham, UK)
(V1727) Selective inhibition of NaV1.8 reduces diastolic Ca leak and atrial arrhythmias in patients with sleep-disordered breathing
    R. Hultsch, P. Hegner, S. Lebek, M. Tafelmeier, Z. Provaznik, D. Camboni, C. Schmid, L. S. Maier, S. T. Sossalla, M. Arzt, S. Wagner (Regensburg)
(V1728) Inactivation of HDAC2 attenuates atrial remodeling and delays onset of atrial fibrillation in CREM-IbΔC-X transgenic mice, a mouse model of spontaneous onset atrial fibrillation
    J. S. Schulte, L. B. Tardio, J. P. Reinhardt, M. D. Seidl, U. Kirchhefer, F. U. Müller (Münster)
(V1729) Mechanistic insights of the p.L13R mutation in the nuclear envelope protein LEMD2 and its role in the development of cardiomyopathy
    R. Chen, A. Kroth, A. P. Arias Loza, G. Grüner, M. Kohlhaas, N. Wagner, A. Cirnu, T. Williams, C. Maack, B. Gerull (Würzburg)
(V1730) Increased ox-CaMKII-dependent pro-arrhythmic activity in an obstructive sleep apnea mouse model
    M. Gugg, P. Hegner, S. Lebek, L. S. Maier, M. Arzt, S. Wagner (Regensburg)

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