88. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

Samstag, 23. April 2022 (Posterbereich 20) 10:00-11:30


Emerging technologies in cardiovascular research

Diskussionsleitung: G. Euler (Gießen), J. Fielitz (Greifswald)

(P1962) Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells and derived cardiomyocytes as an in vitro screening platform for the discovery of new therapeutic options for Fabry disease.
    C. Jahn, T. Thum, C. Bär, J. Hoepfner, M. Juchem (Hannover)
(P1963) Autologous pericardium for aortic valve replacement – associated leaflet tissue and ECM properties in comparison to bovine pericardial patches
    C. Dittfeld, S. Bähring, K. Alexiou, C. Welzel, D. Salminger, A. Jannasch, K. Matschke, S. M. Tugtekin (Dresden)
(P1964) Minimalinvasive off-pump Platzierung und Funktionsweise eines intraperikardialen, biventrikulären Herzunterstützungssystemes
    U. Stock, C. Bowles, R. Hinkel, H. De Vaal, S. M. Wildhirt, S. Schüler (Harefield, Newcastle, UK; Göttingen, München)
(P1965) In vivo evaluation of immunomodulated hearts in a heterotopic abdominal heart transplantation model in the pig
    A. Bähr, S. Michel, N. Hornaschewitz, L. Oberberger, N. Klymiuk, B. Reichart, C. Kupatt (München)
(P1966) Generation of mouse models with genetic modifications for cardiovascular research using a fast and precise CRIPSR-based knock-in technology
    R. Medert, M. Freichel (Heidelberg)
(P1967) Evaluation of miRNA-based therapies targeting ACE2/TMPRSS2 in ex vivo living myocardial slices (LMS)
    J. Weusthoff, K. Xiao, M. Fuchs, A. Just, A. Pfanne, T. Thum, J. Fiedler (Hannover)