J. Vasc. Biol. 42, Sup:2 (2005) p105

P303 Condition of nitric oxide system, free radical lipid peroxidation processes and a fat acids spectrum of blood of patients with primary right ventricular heart failure owing to pulmonary hypertension.
E.N.Amosova, E.M.Zadorin, L.F.Konopleva
National Medical University, Kiev, UA.

Background: Role of endothelium dysfunction and oxidative stress in left ventricular heart failure (HF) pathogenesis is investigate, however, in patients with primary right ventricular HF investigate a little, that became the purpose of research.

Methods: We investigated blood of 15 patients with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension (IPH) with HF NYHA III-IV, age 21±2,4 year in comparison with healthy people(control group)(CG)and cNOW and iNOS in erithrocytes (E) and thrombocytes(T) in blood of patients. Lipid peroxidation processes (LPP) defined according to definition of malone dialdehyde (MDA)in plazma (P) and E and H2O2 in E and T. Fat acids spectrum P and E defined a gas chromatography method.

Results: In blood of patients with HF was decrease of cNOS activity in E (0,67±0,41 pmol/mg)in comparison with CG (2,16±0,19 pmol/mg) and in T (0,59±0,08 pmol/mg) in comparison with CG (1,49±0,26 pmol/mg),all p<0,05, that can indirectly testify about reduction of a NO pool with vasodilatation functions. It was accompanied by increase of iNOS activity in blood of patients with HF in E (3,24±0,58 pmol/mg) in comparison with CG (0,61±0,07 pmol/mg),p<0,05, accordingly in T (6,11±0,90 pmol/mg)in comparison with CG (1,68±0,31 pmol/mg),p<0,05, that, obviously, promoted activation of lipid peroxidation processes (LPP).It is proved of increase MDA in E (5,16±0,14 mmolMDA/L) in comparison CG(3,95±0,26 mmolMDA/l) ahd P(10,03±0,25 mmolMDA/l) in comparison CG(4,03±0,16 mmolMDA/l),p<0,05,and H2O2 in E (17,50±3,85 mmol/l) in comparison CG(8,18±0,68 mmol/l),p<0,05 and T( 349,4±175,5 mmol/l)in comparison CG(42,0±11,1 mmol/l),p<0,05.Gas chromatography in blood of patients with HF showed decrease of polyunsaturated fatty acids and also increase maintenance saturated fatty acids.

Conclusions: In E and T in blood of patients with right ventricular heart failure owing to IPH activity of cNOS is decrease that testifies about braking of NO synthesis with vasodilatation activities that was accompanied by activation of LPP processes , reduction of polyunsaturated fatty acids quantity decreases. These changes can have pathogenetic value.

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