88. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

Freitag, 22. April 2022 (Posterbereich 7) 10:00-11:30


Vorhofflimmerablation: New Technologies II

Diskussionsleitung: F. Bourier (München), K. R. J. Chun (Frankfurt am Main)

(P1161) “Electrode tissue coupling” is a new main determinant of RF lesion creation – experience from a cardiac animal model
    F. Bahlke, A. Wachter, S. J. Maurer, H. Krafft, M.-A. Popa, E. Risse, K. Wimbauer, S. Lengauer, T. Reents, M. Kottmaier, G. Heßling, I. Deisenhofer, F. Bourier (München)
(P1162) Correlation of local impedance, global impedance and contact force with resulting lesion size in RF ablation
    F. Bahlke, A. Wachter, S. J. Maurer, H. Krafft, M.-A. Popa, E. Risse, M. Kottmaier, K. Wimbauer, S. Lengauer, T. Reents, G. Heßling, I. Deisenhofer, F. Bourier (München)
(P1163) Feasibility and safety of a 3D electroanatomic-map-guided transseptal puncture for left-sided catheter ablation procedures
    M. Bohnen, M. Eichenlaub, R. Weber, J. Minners, A. S. Jadidi, B. Müller-Edenborn, F.-J. Neumann, T. Arentz, H. Lehrmann (Bad Krozingen)
(P1164) Insights on catheter stability and biophysical characteristics in very high power short duration ablation compared to standard ablation for PVI
    M. Kottmaier, M.-A. Popa, T. Reents, F. Bourier, C. Lennerz, L. V. Förschner, N. Harfoush, S. J. Maurer, H. Krafft, S. Lengauer, F. Bahlke, F. Englert, G. Hessling, I. Deisenhofer (München)
(P1165) Identifying Ablation Targets using Regional Voltage Thresholds in Atrial Fibrillation Patients
    D. Nairn, C. Nagel, M. Eichenlaub, B. Müller-Edenborn, H. Lehrmann, T. Arentz, O. Dössel, A. S. Jadidi, A. Loewe, for the study groups: UHZ-BK, KIT (Karlsruhe, Bad Krozingen)
(P1166) Pulsed field ablation for focal right atrial appendage tachycardia
    B. Reißmann, F. Moser, R. Schleberger, J. Moser, M. Lemoine, L. Dinshaw, P. Kirchhof, A. Rillig, A. Metzner, F. Ouyang (Hamburg)
(P1167) Treatment of atrial fibrillation by a novel compliant cryo-balloon ablation system - what’s different?
    K. Weinmann, K. Rietzler, C. Pflieger, D. Aktolga, C. Bothner, A. Pott, W. Rottbauer, T. Dahme (Ulm)
(P1168) High-density mapping in catheter ablation for persistent atrial fibrillation: Results from the Advisor™ HD Grid Mapping Catheter Observational study.
    D. Steven, L. Fiedler, I. Roca, J. Lorgat, J. Lacotte, H. Haqqani, E. Jesser, C. Williams, F. Roithinger (Köln; Wien, Wiener Neustadt, AT; Barcelona, ES; Cape Town, ZA; Massy, FR; Brisbane, AU; Minneapolis, US)