88. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

Mittwoch, 20. April 2022 (Saal 2) 13:30-15:00

Freie Vorträge

Up to date - Multimodale Bildgebung in der Kardiologie

Vorsitz: S. Ewen (Homburg/Saar), M. I. Körber (Köln)

(V7) Multi-modality imaging for planning of surgical ventricular restoration: computed tomography and speckle-tracking echocardiography
    N. Solowjowa, O. Nemchyna, M. Dandel, Y. Hrytsyna, F. Schönrath, J. Knierim, V. Falk, C. Knosalla (Berlin)
(V8) Happy Heart Syndrome: Frequency, Characteristics and Outcome of Takotsubo Syndrome triggered by positive Life Events Results from the Multicenter GEIST Registry
    T. Stiermaier, A. Walliser, I. El-Battrawy, T. Pätz, M. Mezger, E. Rawish, M. Andres, M. Almendro-Delia, M. Martinez-Selles, A. Uribarri, A. Perez Castellanos, F. Guerra, G. Novo, E. Mariano, M. B. Musumeci, L. Arcari, L. Cacciotti, R. Montisci, I. Akin, H. Thiele, N. D. Brunetti, I. Nunez Gil, F. Santoro, I. Eitel (Lübeck, Mannheim, Leipzig; Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Valladolid, Palma, ES; Ancona, Palermo, Rom, Cagliari, Foggia, IT)
(V9) Automatically determined functional and structural cardiac measures are equivalent to human measurements for outcome prediction in chronic heart failure
    S.-O. Tröbs, T. Hauptmann, D. Velmeden, J. Söhne, A. Schuch, F. Müller, M. Heidorn, S. Göbel, A. Schulz, T. Münzel, J. Prochaska, S. Kramer, P. S. Wild (Mainz)
(V10) Late Gadolinium Enhancement Predicts ICD Indication at the Time of Generator Replacement in Patients with Primary Prevention ICD Therapy
    M. Roosta Azad, C. Karamarkou, A. Emara, M. Lambers, K. Nassenstein, O. Bruder (Essen)
(V11) Predicting NT-proBNP as a marker for Myocardial Stress from the ECG using deep learning – Pilot Data from an AI Imaging Pipeline
    M. Neyazi, J. P. Bremer, M. Knorr, M. Vollmer, B. Schrage, K. Surendra, J. Brederecke, F. M. Ojeda, S. Nürnberg, S. Groß, M. Dörr, S. Blankenberg, R. Schnabel (Hamburg, Greifswald)
(V12) Surrogates for cardiac amyloidosis among patients with suspicious echocardiography
    R. Albrecht, A. Hamadanchi, M. Franz, J. G. Westphal, P. Aftanski, C. Schulze, S. Otto (Jena)