DGK Herztage 2023

Freitag, 6. Oktober 2023 (Saal Bangkok 2) 08:00-09:30

Basic Science Meeting

Vessel-organ crosstalk in heart disease

Session of the Working Group 4 "Vaskuläre Biologie"

Chair: D. Dürschmied (Mannheim), F. Jansen (Köln)

08:00 (V362) Introduction
    D. Dürschmied (Mannheim)
08:05 (V363) Organ-cross talk in cardiovascular disease
    N. Marx (Aachen)
08:20 Discussion
08:25 (V364) Caloric intake regulates leukocyte function in health and disease
    F. Kahles (Aachen)
08:40 Discussion
08:45 (V365) Modulation of leukocyte recruitment to atherosclerotic plaques by platelet cGMP signaling
    T. Keßler (München)
09:00 Discussion
09:05 (V366) Role of erythrocytes in vascular function and disease
    K. Schäfer (Mainz)
09:20 Discussion
09:25 (V367) Conclusion
    F. Jansen (Köln)