[HS97] Freitag, 25. April 2003 (Saal 5) 11:30-13:00

Joint Session

British-German Symposium on Heart Failure

Chairpersons: A.J. Camm (London, GB), M.G. Gottwik (Nürnberg)

(H758) Natriuretic Peptides - the new dimension in heart failure

H.J. Dargie (Glasgow, GB)
(H759) Diabetes and Heart Failure

M.R. Cowie (London, GB)
(H760) Physical Exercise — what and how much?

R. Hambrecht (Leipzig)
(H761) The Future — Gene and Cell Therapy?

H.A. Katus, N. Frey, O. Müller (Heidelberg), (Heidelberg), (Heidelberg)